Page 21, Dr Robert Grenville Buckby's photograph album

This is Dr Robert Granville Buckby’s family photograph album. You can see a photo of the house he lived in by searching for Buckby at (no longer standing).

Dr Buckby and his wife Sarah had at least four children, one of whom, born in 1857, was named Robert Grenville Buckby. He took over the practice from his father who died aged 53 in 1884. The second Dr Buckby and his wife Catherine had six children, one of whom, born in 1884, they again called Robert Grenville Buckby. Their other children were Catherine 1883, William 1886, Dorothy 1887, Mary 1889 and Marjorie 1890. Unfortunately, the second Dr Buckby died in 1901 aged just 44. In 1911 Catherine and three of the daughters are recorded in Scarborough; the two sons being noted as ‘abroad’. So, which of the photos are which person? 

This leather album with a brass horseshoe clasp was sold by W H Belfield and Son, Grand Bazaar, 61-62 Wine Street, Bristol, a fancy goods seller. It is now in very poor condition.  We have diligently researched the photographs to make sure they are out of copyright. Should you disagree please do CONTACT us.