End Paper

This leather bound album with brass clasps is believed to have belonged to a family with the name Leach. Other surnames in the photos include Swish, Platt and Pilkington. A couple of photos at the back are taken in Germany,  one of a woman called  Auguste Senger.

This album has less cohesion than some Victorian albums. Apart from a couple of pages at the back, it only contains the larger cabinet cards, so  you like its a collection of their best photos rather than featuring all the family. It's diverse collection including some who were very obviously poorer than others. It also captures the hope of many families that emigration would improve prospects with the first card being of a son  who went to the USA.  The surname Swish is very rare and, bearing in mind the connection to Germany it might be a misspelling of Schwich or something phonetically similar.

The family photos are from a variety of (mainly) northern towns and, as the location of Grandma Leach is unknown, the album is located to Derby, the location for the first couple shown in the album. Other locations where photographs were taken include Manchester and Liverpool. There is a map of locations below the photographs on the Individual photographs page.

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