Pearl01f, 1880s carte de viste by A & G Taylor at Sunderland

This is a leather bound 'Floral Album' that takes carte de visite only. Designed to take 36 photographs there were only 25 photographs in it. However  all pages show wear and tear of photos being put in and out so it was once completely full.

Nine mounts have floral decoration and there are only six designs before they begin to repeat, The printing is not of the highest quality.

The album contains a mixture of photographs mainly from the 1860s and 1870s, the date the album was manufactured and it is impossible to work out family relationships; the images mostly being mixed up rather than  following any discernable date or other order.

However, a picture does emerge of a family who were well to do in the late 1860s wearing the latest fashions and nine of the photographs (including the first one) are of children, giving useful insight into junior clothes of the period.       

Only one photo is named as C Pearl. The family favoured one photographer in particular, James Chenhall of Tavistock in Devon. Other photographers names include Hawke, Sands, Curtis, Palmer, Sherman, and Taylor amongst others