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This slim photograph album dates from the mid 1890s. The owner is unknown but is presumed to be the gentleman who features in seven out of the 10 photos. He includes a photograph that shows himself operating a camera. 

By this time the aspiring middle, and even working classes, were beginning to be able to a practice photography as a leisure pursuit. They would frequently join a photographic society in order to  learn from others. Supplies could be bought from W H Smith and Boots the Chemists.       

The other unique aspect of this album is the intriguing possibility that four of the photographs feature a transgender man. There is no firm evidence to support this apart from the appearance of the individual, but most viewers seem to agree that it is possible that this is a man dressed as a woman.  If that is the case then it is pleasing to note that they seem like a happy family who accept the situation as being perfectly normal.

If any transgender experts happen upon this page we would be pleased to take any advice they might offer on the matter. The contact form is on THIS PAGE