Inscription on flyleaf of album

On 3rd July 1863 Sarah Troughton wrote the date and her name inside a brand new photograph album. Perhaps it already has some photos inside, or maybe she was responsible for adding and positioning all the carte de visite herself.

Many of the photographs were taken by William Gird of Whitehaven, and as Troughton is an unusual name it was relatively easy to find the Troughton family on the 1861 census. 

We learnt that William Troughton was a farmer of 80 acres and in 1861 he was 65 and  living with his wife Eleanor age 61 at Hinning House, Birkby.  Five  children lived at home. Henry (35), Eleanor (31) John (27), Sarah (20) and Joseph (15). Sarah was born in the July to September quarter of 1840 so the album might have been  a birthday present. The album, like the people within is fairly modest.

Although none of the Troughton family are positively identified there are named photographs of Mr Barber, Miss Lyons, Mr Lambert and Miss Brockbank. The photographs show how respectable (but not rich) Victorians dressed in the 1860s.  The premises of William Gird were in New Lowther Street, Whitehaven and are (in 2020) occupied by Goughs, a local solicitor. 

This leather album has a double brass clasp and is fairly modest with plain pages.  We have diligently researched the photographs to make sure they are out of copyright; all of the photographers have been deceased for more than 70 years. Should you disagree please do CONTACT us.