SmithPhoto05, 1890s cabinet card by unknown photographer

This leather bound album in poor condition is believed to have belonged to the Smith family who lived in East Duwich. Because they are all cabinet cards you can think of this as the album of greatest photos, they would probably have had another for all their carte de visite.

Despite there only being 35 photos, some of which are repeats, a distinct  picture of this family emerges. At least half of the photographs focus on the husband, wife and their two children a boy and a girl. Its clear they were affectionate towards their children and a closeness between them is displayed that is in contradiction to the traditional view of Victorian parenting. They were comfortably off and photographs include evening dress, fine clothes and evidence that they could afford a good education for their son. They commonly went to Southend-on-Sea for holidays as many of the photographs are taken at studios there.

Surnames of the photographers include Biddle, Dowdall, Glanville, Parsons and Eason. There is a map of locations below the photographs on the Individual photographs page. We have diligently researched the photographs to make sure they are out of copyright. Should you disagree please do CONTACT us.