Our launch of the Manchester Library collection of Ordnance Survey historical images also caught the eye of some international online publications resulting in some traffic on the site from really interesting places in the world.

We know that many people in the USA are involved in tracing their family tree so visitors from there were not unexpected, but we really enjoyed seeing the names of so many other countries  popping up on a tracker we had set up.

Holland and Ireland were well represented and sometimes we saw multiple visits by 30 more people in one location which could be a school, or maybe a conference, taking a look.

Two articles stood out for their journalistic excellence,  both from excellent online magazines that I had previously heard of, but have visited again since.  I highly recommend Atlas Obscura (but make sure you have time to spare as you will be engrossed for some time) and FStoppers is a fanatistic resource for photographers wordwide.

It was an honour to be featured by both of them. Our favourite visitor notification was to say someone from Katmandhu, Nepal was now on Timepix.  Homesick for Manchester perhaps?

Fstoppers - Historic Archive of Photos opened up

Atlas Obscura - How Arrow Weilding Men Mapped Britain in the 1940s