Stonehenge in 1867

The Director General of Ordnance Survey at this time was Henry James, who was keen on both the new art of photography and the gentleman's pursuit of archaeology.

He was disappointed by the lack of rigour in his officers approach to the latter and conceived the idea of making a survey of Stonehenge and publishing this to provide an example for them to follow. Stonehenge is about 30 miles away from Southampton and it looks like they made a family outing of it.

The photos and survey plan are designed to be used in combination, a common idea now, but perhaps the first use of photography as a survey aid (unless you know better).

There are a handful of earlier photos of Stonehenge in the Royal Collection, but these  eight from 1867 appear to be the first sequence of photos that exist. 

Find all eight at the link - plus the map showing where they were taken