As soon as we launched Timepix in March 2018 we began to look at how we could make it better. Top of the request list was for the photos to be much easier to flick through.

Unfortunately it was simply not quite possible (unless one has bottomless pockets to spend on developers) to achieve that with our existing site architecture. 

Having accepted that not everyone is like us (and sees the world in terms of 'where'), the answer was first and foremost to focus on making the photos the stars of the show.  We think we have achieve that with the new site.

This also meant that we could do a lot more to help people find the photos they want using search and could pre-populate some galleries (which turned out to be a lot of fun). And we have also been able to add in some other neat new features; not forgetting our shop.

Of course we still have plenty of maps, and we were able to make those better with satellite imagery too.  We have some great ideas we are still working on. If you want to give us feedback or suggestions please do, via our contact form or social media.         

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