On Sunday 14th October we were excited to find ourselves unexpectedly featured on the home page of the online BBC news pages.

In all around 2 million people read the article, generating 229,900 views of the Timepix map in the space of about 36 hours.    

It was a pity this happened just two weeks before our beautiful new site was about to come live!!!

It is perfectly possible to switch on extra server capacity to cover an expected peak, but we had no idea this was going to happen and the massive peak in web traffic  'broke' our site for some hours. We managed this with social media messaging to 'keep calm and come back later'. Some people say it is a badge of honour to have so much traffic that your site can't cope, but we would far rather not be disappointing people who wanted to take a look and were unable to do so.

In case you missed it the full article (which is rather a good read) is here. We hope you enjoy it.        

The peculiar history of the Ordnance Survey